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"benessere" your wellbeing taylored to your needs"benessere" your wellbeing taylored to your needs"benessere" your wellbeing taylored to your needs
Benessere Care & Fitness
Our vision : Mens sana in corpore sano.
"a healthy mind in a healthy body".(Satires of Juvenal (ad c.60–c.130)

Benessere Care & Fitness is a wellness service that supports people affected by mental health and /or physical medical conditions.
Our individually tailored programmes are focused  solely on the clients requirements. The alternative therapies offered are centred on the person’s  wellbeing, abilities  and aspirations. My name is Osvaldo (known better as Ozzy). I have spent several years working as a rehabilitation Instructor within the national health service.  During this time I have provided support to people with varied medical conditions, primarily mental health and individuals with physical limitations, who have  difficulty carrying out every day activities. I am a qualified Chartered Senior Activity & Health Practitioner (CIMSPA registered) and Wellness coach. I am trained in Life coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). My experience has taught me how to support clients experiencing mental health issues and how to help them overcome barriers, achieve goals, regain motivation and reframe from negative thinking. 

Sessions available include:

  • 1 to 1 Life coaching consultation that helps to identify the goals you wish to achieve and the barriers that limit your expectations to progress.

  • A fitness plan based on your ability and level of fitness, that can be as an easy walk &  talk  or short cycling in a safe place to a more advanced level of exercises; ie Circuit training, weight and body resistance etc 

  • Nutrition consultation sessions, including weight management using the Weigh to go system. Full body weight assessment 
Practical healthy cooking sessions available and delivered in your own home 1 to 1 or small groups if required.
I strongly believe that the route to achieve a goal is to empower the people to choose their own. I encourage and support clients no matter what their level of physical and /or mental health fitness is, to look beyond their limits to help them thrive and achieve their best.

If you are interested in any of the above, please give me a call for an informal chat at:
For further information please visit :
E-mail: ferula93@gmail.com
Phone: 07375 375467

“ Search deep into your mind, there is an unlimited  source of strength, it is all within yourself and the way you thinking”

Walk & Talk Therapy

Walk and talk is helpful for people feeling they are stuck in a lifestyle that they would like to introduce changes to. Walking outdoors is suitable for any level of fitness and just being able to talk to someone, whilst also benefiting from being out in the freshair can already enhance a persons mood. The freedom of being outdoors can improve your sense of wellbeing and their renew the sense of freedom. Walking helps increase the blood flow to the brain, therfore is a great way to improve positive thinking.

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Social Cycling

Easy cycling for any level of fitness in local parks or designated cycling routes. Cycling promotes self confidence, improves cardiovascular health and is good for coordination and balance. Outdoor cycling in the fresh air provides us with a sense of freedom.

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Home Fitness Sessions

Holistic fitness sessions taylored to the clients need and medical conditions. Indoor cycling sessions Circuit training Body weight resistance sessions Any other fitness sessions required by the client

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Wellness Coaching

Full support to achieve a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. Motivational speaker ,Neuro linguistic programme ,life coaching available for groups or 1:1 session at the venues of your choice Wellbeing sessions tailored to suit the clients needs

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Nutrition, cooking and weight management

Nutriton consultation sessions, including weight management using the Weigh to go system Full body weight assesment Pratical healthy cooking sessions available and delivered in your own home.

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  • Benessere Care & Fitness is now Social Enterprise Scotland

  • Benessere Care & Fitness is CIMSPA registered

  • CTHa Complementary Therapist Association CTHa